Fotokasten optimizes customer dialogue with Selligent

One of the largest German photo services on the internet,, reports better click-through rate and easier campaign planning after having chosen Selligent Interactive Marketing

12 JULY 2011, MUNICH
Selligent Interactive Marketing improves the relevance of the online photo service’s communications / click rates increased by up to 20 percent / campaign management efforts reduced by up to 80 percent.

Fotokasten is one of the largest German photo services on the internet, and it is constantly working on the relevance of its marketing communication in order to improve customer loyalty. For its automated and yet highly-personalized customer dialogues, the Waiblingen-based company relies on Selligent Interactive Marketing, Selligent’s interactive marketing solution. After the first phase of the deployment, Marketing Director Alexander Burkhardt already reports a better click-through rate and a reduction of the efforts relating to campaign planning and co-ordination by up to 80 percent.

The competition is tough among online photo services. To stand out from its competitors, fotokasten relies on excellent service and a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM). A crucial element of CRM is highly-relevant marketing communication – the right messages have to reach the right customers at the right time. ”We are pleased that fotokasten has chosen Selligent Interactive Marketing for optimizing its automated customer dialogue” says Franco Paolucci, Director DACH for Selligent. ”But above all we’re delighted about the fantastic results that fotokasten has already been able to achieve.”

A more relevant approach

The Selligent software perfectly handles our 600,000 to over a million contacts, depending on the campaign, and offers us more possibilities than the pure e-mail marketing solution that we were using in the past”, notes Alexander Burkhardt.

And Selligent Interactive Marketing is capable of learning: the solution observes the way customers interact with the various communication options and feeds this information to the customer database. The more information is available, the better the segmentation functions and the more relevant the individual customer dialogue will be. fotokasten has already conducted its first personalized campaigns with Selligent Interactive Marketing, including mailings where the recipients could see different local contents depending on where they lived. Customer surveys and contests have already been carried out as well.

"Our offers are clearly being better received thanks to the more tightly-targeted approach”, explains Alexander Burkhardt. "We’ve recorded an increase in click-through rates of up to 20 percent for personalized offers.”

Independence from the IT department

In the Selligent Suite, marketers can plan and manage their campaigns across all channels. No SQL knowledge is required for the segmentation of the relevant customer groups, nor is any HTML expertise necessary in order to generate mailings. This makes marketers independent of the IT department, which substantially reduces total costs. For example, A/B tests - where different variants of a mailing are sent to two small subgroups of the larger target group, with the more successful variant subsequently being sent out to the rest of the target group - can be automated in Selligent Interactive Marketing. As a result, the effort required to conduct such actions at fotokasten has been reduced to 40 or even 20 percent of what it was earlier.

”I can now concentrate entirely on the strategic planning. Many of the time-consuming and tiresome co-ordination tasks, such as assembling documentation for the IT, have been eliminated”, says Alexander Burkhardt.

About Selligent Interactive Marketing

Selligent Interactive Marketing enables marketers to plan, develop, implement and evaluate multi-channel campaigns. The suite makes it possible for companies to effectively address their customers individually, despite a high degree of automation. Selligent Interactive Marketing means maximum efficiency: with the software, marketers can quickly and easily set up multi-step, cross-channel campaigns while remaining completely independent of the IT department. Selligent Interactive Marketing offers a graphic scenario builder enabling the creation of multi-step, interactive communication scenarios. Whether via e-mail, mobile devices, websites, forms or traditional channels – built-in modules for every channel make the creation and adaptation of every imaginable dialogue very easy. Selligent Interactive Marketing is not an isolated application: interfaces make it possible to exchange data with all CRM systems used in the company.

About fotokasten

fotokasten began in the year 2000 as a pioneer in the production of digital image files on real paper prints. High-quality processing, excellent customer service and cutting-edge products are the cornerstones that have made fotokasten one of the leading German photo and print services on the internet. The Waiblingen-based professionals print image files on a wide range of substrates - whether paper, canvas, porcelain or slate - with high-quality resolution. From photo books to pet food bowls, the product line includes over 200 different products. Photo lovers select their favorites from the product portfolio, upload images and can design their desired products in no time. fotokasten uses technology and production from the d|o|m company in Waiblingen. Further information at

"Our offers are clearly being better received thanks to the more tightly-targeted approach." Alexander Burkhardt
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